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Round not flat, warm not cold

When mum of two boys, Louise, first launched anamalz onto the international stage, her kids were just tiny humans. Driven by a desire for sustainable toys primarily crafted from wood that wouldn't clutter the living room like cold plastic, the concept of 'anamalz' was born.

Fast forward to the present day, and anamalz stands as an award-winning lineup of wooden, fabric and rope animal toys, playfully named after a clever twist on the word 'animals.'

Travelling the world

After a brief trial in Australia in 2006, anamalz made a grand entrance at the Nuremberg Toy Fair in 2007, quickly venturing into 30+ countries.

This journey led these whimsical toys into aquariums, zoos, museums, airports, and esteemed stores like the Smithsonian Museum, San Diego Zoo, Baby Gap, Barnes and Noble, Waterstones, and more.

A few years ago anamalz partnered with Weleda in a European promotion, including 3000 stores.

Highlight Reel

anamalz have clinched over 15 industry awards, including the prestigious Australian International Design Award (Good Design Award) and the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award.

They've been featured on the Martha Stewart Show, USA Today, and graced the front page of the New York Times under the title “Toy makers paving the way for a greener generation.”

Made to last. Made to love. Forever

So here they are, over 17 years later, and anamalz are still beloved worldwide.

Today the feedback doesn’t just include the excited exclamations of "ahs" and "oohs" from new discoverers of anamalz, it also includes sentiments like, “my kids grew up on these, and we still have them in the house—they're too gorgeous to throw away.’

Check out these gems from the vault

Press over the years ⬇️

Photos from the very first production, a giant sized anamalz giraffe, trade fairs in South Korea and Nuremberg. And, anamalz in Korea's largest bookstore chain.