anamalz are a uniquely imaginative round and bendable animal collectable made from wood, fabric and rope. They will transport your little one to a world of endless possibilities and boundless creativity.


Hey don't listen to us, we're biased!

Thursday, Nov 18, 2021
I love toys that inspire my children’s imaginations and promote interactive play. Anamalz is an award-winning line of eco-friendly toy animals. My children can play for hours with their Anamalz. Each toy is lovingly hand crafted and made out of durable and sustainable maple wood and include fabric around the necks to give it a “pop” of colour and a cuddly wood feel. The attention to detail in each animal in the Anamalz collection is superb. Our favourite feature is that each animal can be posed in various ways too so playtime is extra fun.
Fun to play...
Saturday, Dec 18, 2021
My sons love animals and the Anamalz figurines are not only fun to play with but also beautifully crafted. They are made with such smooth wood and the fabric gives it that extra special touch. I will say too that these figures are quite durable as my boys have been pretty rough with them in playing. When they are not playing with them though they sit nicely on their dresser and look like collectibles. I have a feeling we will be buying more of these and looking for the accessories like the playmat for added fun.
5 out of 5...
Wednesday, Sep 22, 2021
5 out of 5 stars Seriously, you don't just win 15 Industry Toy Awards for no good reason. If I have to use just ONE word to describe Anamalz, it's gonna be "different".  Anamalz is stunningly unique, you would know instantly when you see an "Anamalz";  they are irresistably adorable with smooth wooden craftwork, cotton rope, and fuzzily soft fabric finishes.  They are Anamalz-ing, special, inimitable, and unmistakably, Anamalz
Highly poseable...
Wednesday, March 10, 2022
“I went out and bought my daughter a veritable Noah’s ark of toys before she was born. Had I known about Anamalz I would have bought them for her to play with. They are highly poseable, cute and best of all, quiet. That is because they are made of wood and textiles and not plastics. Each one has a simple design but enough personality so that they can show their unique nature.”
Tuesday, Jan 26, 2023
“We have maybe 30 or so of your anamalz that I’ve found here and there.  They traveled all around with us and helped our 18 month old learn animal names and sounds.  They were such a wonderful source of joy for her.  I’m just so grateful to your wonderful inventiveness”.

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