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Wooden dinosaur toy made from natural wood. imagination and small world play

We've got the moves

Animal collectables that bend and pose; and are oh so cute

As seen in

A whimsical trio of warm wood, soft rope and cuddly plush

Proudly adorned with 15+ awards; Australian designed, made in Vietnam.

Eco-friendly and suitable for anyone aged from 3 years old to 103 years young.

Lifetime guarantee

We're made to be a forever companion. If your new friend encounters any issues we'll swap it for a shiny new buddy.

We aren't just one ingredient

We're intricate marvels of uniqueness. Want to know more? Gorilla spills the beans ⬇️

Read the raves

We really love these anamalz. These are the most special toys we have ever come across and I have been buying toys for kids and for us for over 50 years!

In all my years, I haven't seen a more adorable and well built toy. My daughter is obsessed with them. We currently have four of them and are working to get more of them. Amazing job!

My 75 year old brother loves them as they keep his fingers limber and he has two of them in his assisted living room to brighten up his area. Thank you so much for the quality craftsmanship.