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Set up a small world on a large scale

  • person Louise Causon
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Set up a small world on a large scale

Would your kids love a small world set up? With a few simple items you can create a magical world for your kids to explore.

Here's a step-by-step guide. It's SUPER easy and quick!

Step 1. Gather Your Materials

materials needed for small world set up


anamalz lion, hippo, moose, elephant, giraffe, zebra and gorilla

Step 2: Setting Up Your Small World

step by step instructions on setting up your small world table

  • Spread the fake grass on the table to create a lush grassland
  • Place a blue rice pond in one corner of the table
  • Sprinkle Clever Bugs eucalyptus mix to form your dry land
  • Arrange the trees to create a mini forest 🌳
  • Position your anamalz around the setup to bring it to life
  • Add a book about animals

Step 3: Creating Blue Rice

how to make blue rice for childrens play

To make your own blue rice for the pond, follow these easy steps:

  • Take regular white rice 
  • In a ziplock bag, add a few drops of blue food colouring.
  • Seal the bag and shake it until the rice turns a vibrant blue colour
  • Spread the blue rice on your table to create a serene pond

Step 4: Playtime!

kids playing with anamalz animals. moose, hippo and elephant

Watch as your kids explore the small world you've created.

Encourage them to find the corresponding animals in "The Animal Book", as it creates connections between what your child reads and what they can hold in their hands. 

Want to see this set up in action? Click here

Explore our Roaming Mountains anamalz range and see what safari you can create! 

Full credit of this set up goes to Samantha Gread @messyplayfortwo.